Foraging with 4 Dishes

When your bird has demonstrated proficiency in looking and finding food pieces throughout the cage, you can try using a foraging toy, or hiding foods inside a […]


Training Tidbit – Shaping Training is a process. It’s a science, in that we know the laws of behaviour. If you want a behaviour to happen again, […]

New Year, New You

Training Tidbit – New Year, New You Welcome to 2021! Start the year off on the right foot by doing some fun training with your bird. Often […]

Teeny Tiny Bites

Taking Teeny Tiny Bites You may give your birds treats, like whole almonds, whole walnuts or whole cashews! It’s great to see our birds open the shells […]

Five Freedoms

Training Tidbit – Five Freedoms Training is a part of bird keeping that is getting more and more attention. Training, and especially positive reinforcement training, is supposed […]

Bond with your Bird

Training Tidbit- How to Bond with your bird using clicker training If you have a bird you would like to bond with, how do you do it? […]

Selecting Reinforcers

Training Tidbit – Reinforcers Quentin knows when I’m making coffee in the mornings. He will gladly say “Time for COFFEE!” when he hears the kettle boiling. He […]

5 Common Mistakes

Training Tidbit – 5 common mistakes to avoid when training your parrot with positive reinforcement Everyone should be aware that parrots are difficult to keep in our […]