Getting Just The Right Treat

Help! You said my bird needs to take treats in the class. My bird isn’t food motivated! How can I still come and participate? Great question. When […]

Training Tidbit – Foraging Foraging is the newest trend in parrot toys and training. It involves helping your parrot entertain himself by searching for food. One of […]

Capturing Cute Noises

How often does your bird make a cute noise? Would you like to hear cute noises more often? Would you like to be able to put that […]

Emergency Prepared List

In an emergency, you won’t have time to think. Your immediate concerns are for your safety, and for the safety of your pet bird. In The House: […]

But what about in an emergency?

As a positive reinforcement trainer, I often get asked “but what will you do in an emergency?” I suppose the question is asking, “If you only use […]

CBS in the news!

We were very fortunate to have Caroline Wagner from CBC “The Eyeopener” with us last class. She recorded radio, video and took pictures of our classes, and […]

CBS Video

Please enjoy this video from River Cha – She has put together an incredible snapshot of living with birds, and why we do the training. Note: we […]

I have a BAD BIRD

I often get questions about what to do with an “unruly” parrot. Whether the bird is a “biter”, maybe “hormonal”, a “one person bird” or just suddenly […]

How To Meet A Bird

I meet a lot of birds in my travels. Some I’m meeting for the first time, others I’ve met many times before. There is one rule I […]