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Selecting a Reinforcer

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A reinforcer is something your bird likes. It is technically “something added to the situation to increase the probability of that behaviour happening again”. A reinforcer is something your bird wants and is willing to put in some effort to obtain. Birds have likes and… Read More »Selecting a Reinforcer

Introducing Fresh Foods

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When introducing fresh foods to our birds, you can use the principles of positive reinforcement and modeling to help your bird succeed! If you put a beautiful chop into their bowl, in their cage, and walk away, is it safe? Did you leave it because… Read More »Introducing Fresh Foods

5 Common Mistakes

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Everyone should be aware that parrots are difficult to keep in our homes. It is MANDATORY that you enrich their lives, through toys, foraging, social interaction, variety and training. Start by training simple behaviours using positive reinforcement. It is the most effective, least intrusive form… Read More »5 Common Mistakes

Five Freedoms

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Training is a part of bird keeping that is getting more and more attention. Training, and especially positive reinforcement training, is supposed to enrich our birds’ lives, stimulate them mentally, and provide additional outlets for energy. I really love talking about training. Every bird can… Read More »Five Freedoms

Reinforcer Options

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Training Tidbit – More Reinforcers Quentin knows when I’m making coffee in the mornings: he will gladly say “Time for COFFEE!” when he hears the kettle boiling. He keeps a close eye on my coffee mug and will fly over to sneak a sip if… Read More »Reinforcer Options

Hello world!

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