LEAN Steering

How does your bird get between his cage and his perches? Even flighted birds often ask for the human to come over and move them. The human […]

You Are Amazing <3

In the new year we look to resolutions, goals, and milestones to guide our progress. What are you working on? What do you want to achieve? How […]

Weigh Scales

Weigh scales are so useful, it might even save your birds life! In this photo you can see Monster the Cockatiel standing on his scale. He has […]

Watch Videos Twice

I don’t know about you, but I fill my Social Media pages with animals. Cute bird pictures and videos, the occasional cute puppy video, and several amazing […]

Trust Building

It can be hard for someone to make new friends. You might enter a room of people but be unsure how to approach a stranger. You wouldn’t […]

TREAT your bird!

I know how much you love your bird. And I know how much time and effort you take to ensure they have a healthy, species-appropriate diet with […]

Taming Your Tiny Dragon

The lovely, friendly, snuggly, cockatiel. Everyone wants to have one of these Tiny parrots sitting on their knee, beak grinding and fluffed. Every cockatiel needs to feel […]

Success Is Easy

Success is Easy!Or perhaps I should say, Success SHOULD BE Easy! Often when we start training our parrots, we have a great idea of the end goal. […]

Throw Spaghetti?

One of the ways of telling if your spaghetti is cooked is to throw some against a wall. If it sticks, it’s done. The thing with spaghetti […]