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Training And Education For Every Bird

Use positive reinforcement training to create a long-lasting bond with your bird.

Positive Training

Use the most up-to-date science-based methods for the longest lasting results

Credentialed Coaches

All of our coaches have extensive training and have credentials to certify their knowledge.

Specific Advice

Take just the courses you need, and get just the info you want.

What is a Bird School?

We provide training much like a dog training school, from basic to advanced. Our classes provide you with instruction to work with your own bird and create the bond you have always wanted.

We believe in providing you and your bird with skills and tools to navigate your life together.

Our goal is to help you create the life you want with your bird, and to prevent future problem behaviours from even starting!


“What is better than having a bird who willingly comes over to you to play together? It’s the best feeling in the world”

JANET MORRIS, and Mango the Lovebird

“I thought I had a biting problem with my African Grey. It turns out I had a COMMUNICATION problem with my African Grey!”

WILLIE BROWN, and Lobo the CAG

“This is an excellent resource for bird people all across the country. Everyone should take these courses, they are so good. Papu an I have such a good relationship now that we can communicate. I love the Canada Bird School!”

WARD CONNLEY, and Papu the YFA

Let’s work together

Let us know what you need